R.I.P. Philip Roth

I haven’t read enough of Philip Roth’s works to speak with authority.  However, The Humbling, published in 2009, is one of the finest novels I’ve ever read. The Humbling is only about 160 pages, so it won’t take a lot of your time.  It should stay with you, though. Here’s a review: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/bookreviews/6407877/The-Humbling-by-Philip-Roth-review.html Continue reading R.I.P. Philip Roth

Writers Will Understand

I didn’t post on the blog yesterday.  No, that doesn’t mean I took the day off from writing. I write different things, and publish on different platforms.  None are lucrative, but most offer the satisfaction of telling the world, “I’m not invisible.” By the way, saying to the world “I’m not invisible” is easy when you’re in my situation.  I can yell it as loudly as I want, and rarely suffer repercussions because the world isn’t listening. It’s painful when there’s something important to say, though.  It isn’t always about me.  Sometimes it’s about other people who are treated as … Continue reading Writers Will Understand