Health and Family Planning

Here are two views on the concept of cleaning up one’s health before conceiving a child.  Both have merit.  If you have time, please click the links and read each post thoroughly. Continue reading Health and Family Planning

Choice Is To Be Respected

As a teenager during the 1970s, I remember hearing about health insurers refusing to cover reconstructive surgery for women who had undergone mastectomies.  It was a selfish big business practice which denied an option to women who were fortunate to survive breast cancer.  Prosthetics were common, but medical procedures to restore women’s pre-surgery appearance were reserved for the wealthy. At the time, I heard nothing about breast cancer survivors who had no interest in reconstructive surgery.  They probably existed then, but they’re more vocal now.  They have good reasons to be outspoken, too. On October 31, The New York Times … Continue reading Choice Is To Be Respected

Excellent Katha Pollitt Column

If you can buy or borrow a print copy of The Nation’s Sept. 26/Oct. 3, 2016 issue, I recommend the column titled Fatal Births by Katha Pollitt. Ms. Pollitt explores pregnancy-related deaths of mothers in Texas, where the so-called pro-life movement has made progress in carrying out its agenda while actually putting lives at risk.  She points out that some of these fatalities are due to things we don’t ordinarily think of when we use the narrow expression “dying in childbirth”. I wish I could include a link to this column, but it isn’t available online to the general public. If you have a … Continue reading Excellent Katha Pollitt Column

New Mammogram Guidelines To Approach With Caution

Disclaimer: I have no healthcare credentials, and this post is strictly an opinion piece in response to a news report.  A link to the report appears at the end of this post.   When I read in The NY Times that The American Cancer Society had issued new, less rigid guidelines for mammograms in preventive care, my first reaction was relief.  Earlier this year, a routine screening mammogram produced ambiguous results, and I had to go back for more x-rays.  I got a clean bill of health on the same day as the follow-up procedure, but it was stressful and … Continue reading New Mammogram Guidelines To Approach With Caution