Slow News Day, Maybe

I’m not making any excuses for this, other than the fact that I’ve been busy and tired. There was also that matter of having to call rescuers when I saw a squirming pair of feet sticking out of a large bin.  The person in question said he had been trying to get a used newspaper free of charge.  I hope he didn’t ruin that business suit. You have to be able to unsee something like that before you can focus on anything else, so I took some time off from the blog.  Now I want to compensate by posting something. Continue reading Slow News Day, Maybe

Baby It’s Contentious Outside

Frank Loesser’s 1944 winter standard Baby It’s Cold Outside is not being played on some radio stations.  While some people insist the song is a classic, the lyrics are especially controversial right now because we’re looking more closely than usual at suggestions of sexual harassment and assault.  Here’s a link to yesterday’s USA Today article, which includes the complete lyrics: I never heard the song until this week, when I learned about the controversy.  Initially, I was repulsed, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.  The song was written more than seventy years ago, when the scenario may have been … Continue reading Baby It’s Contentious Outside

Women’s Humor

Yesterday I was thinking of some of the mildly rude humor women share with each other when men are out of earshot.  We have to be careful because not all women find it amusing, but if your female acquaintances are as rude as you then knock yourself out. In 2012, this YouTube video (link below) was produced to reply to a Facebook post.  A man had used his Facebook account to express disappointment with the deceptive way menstruation is depicted in feminine product advertising.  According to him, he had learned the truth through experience, and the truth wasn’t pretty. Richard Neill’s original … Continue reading Women’s Humor

Who Moved the Rock? And are We Surprised Louis C.K. was Hiding Under There?

By now, most of us have heard about disgraced comedian Louis C.K.’s surprise appearance at Comedy Cellar in New York. We can’t always stop bad people from being admired public figures.  It depends on the public’s value system, and whether enough of us are willing to demand that creative people adhere to the same decency standards that apply to the average person. Granted, there has been difficulty in applying basic decency standards to the average person, especially where sexual misconduct is concerned.  Women still hear the questions “What were you wearing?” and “Why were you there in the first place?” … Continue reading Who Moved the Rock? And are We Surprised Louis C.K. was Hiding Under There?