This Track isn’t on My CD

If you own the United States release of George Michael’s Symphonica CD, you’ve heard first rate performances of his own music, and some standards.  Mr. Michael’s cover of Feeling Good is the best I’ve heard yet, although some people insist Michael Buble and Nina Simone nailed it, too (Wait until you’ve heard George Michael sing it before you get too confident about anyone else’s interpretation). My compact disc of Symphonica is missing one song which I believe consumers in Europe are hearing.  It’s on YouTube, and I’ll share it at the end of this post.  The YouTube uploader, georgemichaelVEVO, attributes the song to the album,  and … Continue reading This Track isn’t on My CD

Averting a Misguided Distinction

(Editor’s Note:  The source of this quote is in dispute.  On some websites, the statement is attributed to Greek historian Thucydides.  Others credit William Francis Butler, a senior officer in the British Army during the 19th Century.  Well, it’s possible both dudes said it because it’s pretty darned wise.) THE NATION THAT MAKES A GREAT DISTINCTION BETWEEN ITS SCHOLARS AND ITS WARRIORS WILL HAVE ITS THINKING DONE BY COWARDS AND ITS FIGHTING DONE BY FOOLS. — THUCYDIDES Continue reading Averting a Misguided Distinction