Did I Make a Mistake?

I skipped the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes. Maybe it was wrong to miss something which is taken so seriously.  Besides, I don’t like Donald Trump, so anything unflattering to him should be welcome. The Donald is beholden to the Russian government, and he may eventually blow up the world.  Under the circumstances, it’s difficult to believe an interview with a porn star who had a relationship with him is worthy of attention. The comment section of this blog post is available to readers who care to express their opinion on this matter. Until I can be convinced otherwise, I’ll … Continue reading Did I Make a Mistake?

News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The views expressed in this post are based on personal observations and printed matter for the general reader. A separate post on this topic appears on Facebook. If you keep track of current events, I hope you’ve given some thought to the distinction between journalism and gossip that just panders to the public’s voyeurism. Last night I was in a supermarket checkout line, thinking maybe I should have chosen a different checkstand.  Clearly, the retail grocery counterpart to Inspector Clouseau was failing at his attempt to pull up totals on the cash … Continue reading News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

The Emmys and the Fungus Among Us

I don’t have a television, but DVDs and streaming are adequate.  Besides, there’s no place in my 391 square foot, rectangular-shaped studio where I can keep a TV and watch it comfortably.  If I ever change my mind about that, I’ll rearrange the furniture and then find a space for a television.  The apartment is adaptable. Be that as it may (my favorite arty-farty expression), I saw one online clip from Sunday’s Emmy Awards presentation.  It was the same clip a lot of people saw. A link to Frank Bruni’s New York Times commentary appears at the end of this post.  I … Continue reading The Emmys and the Fungus Among Us

This Is A Good Time To Become A Picky Reader

Presently, I have a tablet subscription to New York magazine. That isn’t to be confused with The New Yorker.  New York is an entertainment-based publication with some good articles on NYC government and neighborhood issues. A number of years ago, my mother and I were on the telephone when she told me Heath Ledger had passed. “Who’s that?” I asked. My mother wasn’t expecting that response, but seriously, I don’t see enough recent movies to keep track of very many actors. (One of the business card printings for promoting the blog says movies are among the blog topics. Well, there are a … Continue reading This Is A Good Time To Become A Picky Reader