Tuesday (December 12) Special Election in Alabama

By this coming Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, we should know the priorities of most voters in Alabama. If the Democratic candidate for Jeff Sessions’ U.S. Senate seat, Doug Jones, wins the election, we can breathe a sigh of relief. However, if the majority vote goes to Roy Moore, decent Americans are fully justified in boycotting Alabama. I don’t have statistics on how much nonessential travel in Alabama is done by nonresidents.  There must be some, though. A message to Alabama residents who are opposed to being represented by a pedophile:  If you’re registered and eligible to vote, don’t skip … Continue reading Tuesday (December 12) Special Election in Alabama

Another Random Thought

I spent part of the weekend housecleaning.  I also plugged up the bathroom sink drain while rinsing grime off of cleaning cloths. Fortunately, baking soda and vinegar cleared the drain. We each have our own definition of the word “clean,” and that definition may change when we’re expecting company.  In my case, the definition didn’t change one bit.  I had just allowed the window blinds, baseboards and a few other things to go too long without maintenance, and decided something had to be done. Last night a weird dream proved reassuring, but it was reassuring only as long as the … Continue reading Another Random Thought


Today I filled out my absentee ballot and returned it in person at San Francisco City Hall. In California, every eligible voter has the option of receiving an absentee ballot automatically.  I receive one for every election because it’s less stressful than going to the polling place. If we want, we can return our absentee ballots by mail in a postage paid envelope.  There are different options for returning ballots, in the hope that people will just vote. We might have a better turnout than usual for this election, due to the Donald thing.  However, it’s still anyone’s guess whether … Continue reading Vote

Vote On November 8

It All Boils Down To This: F*** CRUELTY. Okay, this is an anti-Trump message, but what’s really important is that every eligible voter carries out the responsibility of casting a ballot.  Please make your vote count by filling out your ballot meticulously.  Study the issues carefully, to ensure you are casting a vote which reflects your values. If you aren’t registered and the deadline for registration in your state has passed, you can still help.  You can help by being a thoughtful, courteous and respectful person.   The Donald wants to turn this country into a hateful society, and we must be careful not to let … Continue reading Vote On November 8

Election Day

Today is Election Day.   I voted by absentee ballot more than a week ago.  In California, any registered voter can sign up to have an absentee ballot sent automatically for every election, and I’m on the list.  The envelope is postage paid, and this time I returned it by putting it in the lobby mail drop of my condo complex.  It was so easy I felt guilty — and for a good reason.   In many places, voting isn’t that convenient.  Any minute now, we may hear examples of the extremes: Voters who have been prevented from casting votes … Continue reading Election Day