Why the Anti-Vaxxers are Wrong

Disclaimer:  I have no background in healthcare.  My own opinions regarding health issues are based on personal experience, observation and print material available to general readers. Please click the two links at the end of this post.  One goes to an outstanding New York Times op-ed piece by Dr. Peter J. Hotez, and the other goes to an American Academy of Pediatrics document with additional links to research documents on childhood vaccines. I’ll admit I haven’t looked very closely at the latter. We can’t argue with the claim that a small number of people have become very ill after receiving one … Continue reading Why the Anti-Vaxxers are Wrong

R.F.K. Jr. and Trump on Vaccines

I should begin this post with a disclaimer.  I have negative feelings toward Robert Kennedy, Jr. This has nothing to do with his personal life, although the rumors are creepy.  I don’t know for a fact what he does behind closed doors, so it’s best to leave that alone. I attended Montclair Elementary School (Oakland, CA) with Martha Moxley, who died in 1975 at age fifteen in Greenwich, CT.  She was beaten to death with a golf club in her family’s gated community by someone who approached her from behind.  It’s unlikely she saw her assailant at the time of … Continue reading R.F.K. Jr. and Trump on Vaccines