Every Human Condition Belongs to Someone

(Disclosure:  This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page.) Yesterday I visited a grocery store once and a drugstore three times (the drugstore transactions included bottled water, which was too heavy for one trip). In every one of those instances, all hell was breaking loose in the store.  Disruptive “customers,” most or all of whom were stealing, were running amok. I know this is more common in San Francisco now.  Is it getting worse everywhere? While walking home from the grocery store which was about a mile from my apartment, I noticed a copy of … Continue reading Every Human Condition Belongs to Someone

When You Hope it’s Just Water

I live in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.  You may be surprised by this next statement, but I swear it’s true: In the more-than-thirty-seven years I’ve lived in this general section of San Francisco, I’ve had only a couple of experiences getting hit with substances that are poured or dropped from building windows. Today was one of those times when the unexpected happened.  I was walking home from the grocery store. It wasn’t that bad.  The liquid that hit me didn’t appear to be anything worse than water, and two lovely roses hit the sidewalk.  I yelled something regrettable, … Continue reading When You Hope it’s Just Water

Home Run

  My neighborhood in San Francisco leaves something to be desired, for me and for everyone else.  However, we should never ignore the fact that some of us live here for reasons which are less compelling than other people’s reasons. I live in a nice building.  We have problems — most of which are related to the neighborhood — but my apartment neighbors and I are grateful we live here. When I step outside, I often see broken glass and dismantled hypodermic syringes littered on the sidewalk.  It’s a problem for me, but it reflects a bigger problem for the … Continue reading Home Run

Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro

My recent stay in New York City was the first in four and a half years. I’m a city person, though, and most of it came naturally. Still, there’s conscious risk-taking which we know is unnecessary and we do it anyway. Example: using the elevator in a subway station. We do it when we’re tired, or feeling inclined to harm ourselves.  I think I was just tired. I did it only once, and it worked out fine.  However, I won’t recommend the experience to anyone.  For clarification, here’s a YouTube video by username Nordell: Continue reading Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro

San Francisco Realism

Note: When reading observations on San Francisco’s worst-behaved people, please keep in mind that my total of thirty-four years living here have been spent on one edge of the Tenderloin or another.  I don’t know how it reflects on the city as a whole, although I have sometimes encountered those personalities outside of my own neighborhood. I have lived in San Francisco since 1982.  I’ve been in the Bay Area all my life, though, and since moving to the city I haven’t seriously considered living in other parts of the region. I was twenty-two when I moved into a low … Continue reading San Francisco Realism