Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

(This post appears in slightly different form on Helen’s Facebook page.) The username and avatar on this Twitter account have been erased from the screenshots because I don’t want to harass anyone personally. However, in case you’ve been oblivious to reactionary politics in the United States, take a look at the number of “likes” the post about Roy Moore has received. By all indications, the account holder isn’t a public figure, although he has the right hypocrisy to make it in the Trump Administration. Click each image (at the bottom of this post) to view it more clearly. You may … Continue reading Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

Senator McCain’s Vote

(Disclosure: This post appeared originally on a private social media page.) I want to be respectful, but John McCain’s vote on healthcare does not have my respect. He is in fragile health, and the best care is available to him. Others in fragile health are closer to losing their insurance now. John McCain’s career in the U.S. Senate has been a series of gray areas. I hoped he would do the right thing in preserving the Affordable Care Act, but loyalty to his political party outweighed any loyalty he might have toward less privileged people who are also dealing with … Continue reading Senator McCain’s Vote

We Almost Prevented a Tragedy

Enlightened, caring people phoned their Senators until the cows came home.  So much for summoning bovines.  Bullshit is an unavoidable part of the deal, and that’s what happened today. A tie-breaking vote from the Vice President has ensured that, for the next four years (but probably longer because the damage will take time to repair, and things haven’t been going well in the schools for a long time anyway), kids in public schools can forget about being educated.  Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as our new Education Secretary. The root problem is even bigger than this.  If you were Donald … Continue reading We Almost Prevented a Tragedy