Yes, Another Book

Stormy Daniels and I have a nineteen year age difference.  I have no idea whether I would be charmed by her if I ever met her, but as it stands I feel protective the way women often feel protective toward younger women. I won’t suggest Ms. Daniels — Stephanie Clifford — is a hero.  She had an intimate relationship with a married man, and now she is profiting from that.  However, more ordinary people who want to rescue the country which has been damaged by Donald Trump recognize that Stephanie Clifford has something to offer, even if it’s through default. … Continue reading Yes, Another Book

The Lodestar Reference May be a Red Herring

By now, many of us have had an opportunity to read the anonymous op-ed in the September 6 New York Times newspaper (available online since Sept. 5), apparently written by someone in Donald Trump’s Administration. If you haven’t read it yet, please click the link below.  If you’re not an online subscriber, it should be available without a pay wall, provided you haven’t maxed out your free NY Times articles.  Regardless of the conclusion you reach, be alert to the fact that things aren’t always as they appear. A skilled person can mimic other people’s speech or writing traits.  We don’t know … Continue reading The Lodestar Reference May be a Red Herring

Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

During the time Donald Trump has been President, some people have suggested that George W. Bush’s Presidency wasn’t all that bad.  Most recently, the public found it endearing when he handed Michelle Obama a piece of candy. How many people remember the stolen 2000 Election, the oafish, graceless behavior after the September 11 tragedy, the lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, the torture of Muslims, etc? If you’re impressed by a piece of candy and W.’s negative statements about Trump, either you were born very recently or you forgot all about some major events that still affect … Continue reading Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

Evil is Evil, No Matter Where it Happens

A crime against a child is a crime against a child.  Personal loyalties or political/religious views should never be a factor in recognizing whether or how badly a child has been hurt. People who make excuses for — or cheer on — Donald Trump’s disgraceful immigration policies will minimize the horror of what happened to the child in an Arizona detention facility, identified by the initials D.L.  Those people are full of shit. People who call this the worst atrocity in history are also full of shit.  Devastating things have already happened to other kids in various past situations, and … Continue reading Evil is Evil, No Matter Where it Happens

In Retrospect, November 8, 1994 Wasn’t as Weird as we Thought

Remember how outrageous it seemed in November 1994, when Oliver North was almost elected to the U.S. Senate? We were so innocent then. P.S. We had no business being surprised last May, when Ollie was chosen as President of the National Rifle Association.  Yes, that was shitty, but it’s time to be a little more blasé about these things.  Expect shitty. Oh, and here’s the winner of the award for Best Tweet of the Day: Continue reading In Retrospect, November 8, 1994 Wasn’t as Weird as we Thought

Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Melania Trump has made a so-called surprise visit to a detention center for young undocumented immigrants.  Just look at how nice the place looks in the photograph.  It could be a kindergarten classroom. Now we’re supposed to feel assured the children are indeed treated well.  If so, why weren’t Members of Congress allowed to visit other facilities? Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe. Continue reading Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Robert De Niro, Enlightened Tough Guy

Here’s a clip from last night’s Tony Awards, with a nice article.  Artists really don’t like Donald Trump.  In case you haven’t heard about Robert De Niro’s brief commentary, be warned it includes a word you probably haven’t heard anyone utter in at least the past twenty minutes.  Well, you won’t hear the word — just the bleep. Continue reading Robert De Niro, Enlightened Tough Guy

Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)

If any Americans are still excited that the United States is a superpower — and it’s a sure thing some of us still feel proud of that — just remember that our tabloid-grade spectacles are even more conspicuous than the scandals in other countries. The world is watching. Warning: The post in this link contains explicit language.  You are familiar with the four letter T word, aren’t you? Continue reading Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)