Reservations About Penn Station Plan

On October 2, I shared a New York Times post about the proposal for rebuilding Penn Station in NYC.  The article sounded optimistic, but now some people who have scrutinized the plan are questioning whether it’s practical. Here’s a link to the DNA Info article: Continue reading Reservations About Penn Station Plan

The Argument For High Speed Rail

Predictably behind on my reading, I looked at the October 2015 issue of Hightower Lowdown yesterday.  The newsletter didn’t take a lot of time to read, and it gave me an idea for today’s blog post. Some parts of the U.S. are more densely populated than others.  I live in San Francisco, where developers can’t build fast enough. Somehow, the half million dollar condos they’re building aren’t helpful to most of us, but developers can make money because those units are often sold to investors outside of the U.S. who don’t show up personally even to view the property.  Companies … Continue reading The Argument For High Speed Rail