Squirrels As Serial Thieves

I won’t suggest this is limited to Canadian squirrels.  Personally, I’ve met plenty of squirrels in the U.S. who have done the same damned thing.  It happens in the best neighborhoods, too. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, cats and some other animals.  I don’t know if it hurts squirrels, and hope no one is snickering about the possibility of the poor creatures being poisoned.  The squirrels in the video have demonstrated a preference for Toblerone, but maybe that’s just because it’s on a low shelf and near the escape route. As ridiculous as the video looks, the consequences for humans … Continue reading Squirrels As Serial Thieves

Thefts From Mailboxes

At the end of this post, please find a link to a DNA Info article about a common and harmful crime:  Checks being stolen from blue sidewalk mailboxes. Although the thefts documented in the article were committed in one section of Manhattan, it’s a national problem. Unfortunately, many people can’t avoid using an outdoor mailbox on the rare occasions when they still send something through the U.S.P.S.  If nothing else, try to deposit mail before the last collection time.  Then, it shouldn’t sit there overnight.  If you believe a check or other delicate item has disappeared in transit, contact your bank … Continue reading Thefts From Mailboxes

The Guilt Merry-Go-Round

Having an honorable life isn’t always easy when you buy used merchandise.  You don’t know where most of it came from, meaning you don’t know whether it was stolen before you got your hands on it. Some people look the other way — whether the goods are new or used — and refuse to pass up a bargain on something they want or need.  They may inspect the item and hope there are no bed bug eggs in it, but they don’t think about legal or ethical problems in the supply line.  They buy new items from the back of … Continue reading The Guilt Merry-Go-Round