The Drug War on Human Beings

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on observation and personal experience.) At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to a New York Times opinion piece by Andrea J. Ritchie, describing the nightmare some women are subjected to in the War on Drugs.  These women are often singled out by race, and whether or not any of the individuals in question are guilty of drug offenses this harassment is a national disgrace. Please read all of the statements in Ms. Ritchie’s column carefully.  There are different “reasons” for these injustices, … Continue reading The Drug War on Human Beings

Yes, it’s Important Education

(Disclaimer: I am not an educator or health professional.  The opinions in this blog post are based on personal experience and observation) I live in California, where a terribly misguided legislative bill was passed and signed by the Governor sometime after I left school.  The law, which is still in effect after more than thirty years, requires parental consent before students in taxpayer funded (public) schools can receive sex education. I remember the arguments in favor of the bill, and most were centered on parental entitlement.  Parents wanted to control what their kids were told about sex, and in some … Continue reading Yes, it’s Important Education

Saving Alex (Book Review)

Saving Alex By Alex Cooper with Joanna Brooks Memoir 248 Pages Copyright 2016 Published by Harper One, an Imprint of Harper Collins $24.99 Hardcover ISBN:  978-0-06-237460-8 A tightly-knit religious community can have its advantages.  They can organize in a crisis, and neighbors can develop a sense of loyalty to each other. The downside is when religious doctrine is wrong, and the community runs a mile defending it — at the expense of human decency.  That’s when the atmosphere turns cult-like. Alex Cooper came out as a lesbian to her Southern California parents when she was fifteen.  Her Mormon parents believed … Continue reading Saving Alex (Book Review)

Promoting Healthy Habits

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an article in The Guardian, describing how the right approach can influence nutrition choices in young people. It’s just common sense, and I find it regrettable that we haven’t discussed this topic at length before now. The observations made by researchers at the University Of Texas Austin don’t apply only to teenagers.  Many adults will also find it thought-provoking if it’s brought to their attention that their choices are being manipulated for profit.  No one likes being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, junk food is addictive, and not everyone who is hooked … Continue reading Promoting Healthy Habits

Another Bullying-Induced Suicide

Update:  In an article and video report posted on an ABC affiliate site, a spokesperson with the Diocese states that an effort was made to help Danny Fitzpatrick.  A link to that story appears at the end of this post.  What happened to thirteen year-old Danny Fitzpatrick was preventable.  Adults should not have allowed other children to harass him in the first place. Personally, I wasn’t aware of recent news reports on bullying victims’ suicides until I saw this article on Gothamist’s site.  That doesn’t mean bullied children stopped committing suicide until this month, though. News coverage of an ongoing … Continue reading Another Bullying-Induced Suicide