Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional.  This post shares observations which I have made solely on a personal level. Everything is automated now.  Often, we don’t even touch the sink faucet in a public restroom before washing our hands. Sensors on water faucets can help us avoid picking up additional microbes when we want our hands clean.  However, if you’ve ever soaped up your hands and then found it impossible to rinse them because the sensor on the tap has fallen asleep, you know modern technology isn’t always the answer. At the end of this post, please click … Continue reading Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Another Bullying-Induced Suicide

Update:  In an article and video report posted on an ABC affiliate site, a spokesperson with the Diocese states that an effort was made to help Danny Fitzpatrick.  A link to that story appears at the end of this post.  What happened to thirteen year-old Danny Fitzpatrick was preventable.  Adults should not have allowed other children to harass him in the first place. Personally, I wasn’t aware of recent news reports on bullying victims’ suicides until I saw this article on Gothamist’s site.  That doesn’t mean bullied children stopped committing suicide until this month, though. News coverage of an ongoing … Continue reading Another Bullying-Induced Suicide

Teen Suicide Screening

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  This blog post expresses an opinion based on personal experience. A link to ABC affiliate KXXV-TV’s report on an American Academy Of Pediatrics recommendation appears at the end of this post.  The story is reposted on CNN’s site.  I couldn’t get either video to play, but maybe you’ll be able to watch the reports.  At the very least, please read the text. The story includes statements from a man whose son committed suicide.  I’ll never understand the agony this parent has been through, mainly because I don’t have children and no one … Continue reading Teen Suicide Screening