Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro

My recent stay in New York City was the first in four and a half years. I’m a city person, though, and most of it came naturally. Still, there’s conscious risk-taking which we know is unnecessary and we do it anyway. Example: using the elevator in a subway station. We do it when we’re tired, or feeling inclined to harm ourselves.  I think I was just tired. I did it only once, and it worked out fine.  However, I won’t recommend the experience to anyone.  For clarification, here’s a YouTube video by username Nordell: Continue reading Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro

Scrambling to Post Something

I have a policy of posting on the blog an average of once per day.  If I skip a day, on another day there will be two posts. That system is going well, but shortly after 8:00 Pacific Time this evening I decided against skipping the Saturday post.  This decision was made in spite of having nothing to say. Here are screenshots of two social media posts.  Whatever.  The Instagram post has proven more popular than most of the crapola my Instagram followers must endure. Continue reading Scrambling to Post Something

Gross, But Inspiring

Metaphorically speaking, this rat is doing what good people may have to resort to if we want to maintain a civilized society under President Donald Trump. Remember, this video serves as allegory only.  Do not try to ride an escalator in the wrong direction, especially during commute hours. Don’t ponder it too carefully.  No, it isn’t a downhill battle.  Well, maybe a little. Please note that the rat and everyone else appears nice about it. Being tolerant of others is a top priority. Continue reading Gross, But Inspiring

Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway

I still miss subway tokens. I’ve visited New York City only three times, in 1994, 1995 and 2012. Subway tokens were part of the aesthetic and emotional experience during the first two visits.  Dropping a token into the turnstile slot and waiting for the green GO signal did something for my self-esteem, and also gave me a genuine feeling of being in New York. Maybe you had to be there to understand. In 2012, I bought my first MetroCard.  It wasn’t as traumatic as expected, but the magnetic striped card was something I associated with a chain sandwich shop replacing … Continue reading Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway

Fare Evaders And Other Annoyances On The Bus And Subway

It’s likely transit fare enforcement gets weird practically anywhere. In San Francisco, good and bad behavior of fare inspectors and fare evaders fall on every point on the spectrum. Personally, I tap my card every time. On days when the fare isn’t in my budget, I walk (even when it takes more than an hour to get home). It isn’t that simple for everyone, but most of us have seen fare evaders who travel only a short distance. They’re doing it for the thrill, and when paying passengers see that happen it sways public opinion in favor of aggressive enforcement. … Continue reading Fare Evaders And Other Annoyances On The Bus And Subway

NYC Subway Audio Expected To Change

Part of the experience of being in New York City — whether you live there or are just visiting — is the sound. Depending on exactly where you are in the city, you expect to hear something in particular.  If it’s a bit off, you’re likely to notice. The MTA is looking for ways to cut the amount of time subway trains sit at platforms, and one proposal will change the audio experience.  They’re already testing one possible change. The link goes to a June 19 Gothamist.com article with plenty of audio and video samples to satisfy any outsider’s craving … Continue reading NYC Subway Audio Expected To Change