Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco

I don’t have statistics for accidents on sidewalks, and if the statistics were right in front of me now I don’t know if I’d believe them.  Personally, the only time I filed a hit-and-run bicyclist report was in 1992, when I was injured just badly enough to get a taxicab to the emergency room.  I’ve been in that particular type of accident on other occasions, but got up and walked away after the bicyclists bolted to avoid being held accountable.  So, I’m led to believe that incidents of this nature are underreported. Many people are unaware that it’s illegal to … Continue reading Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco

News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional.  The views expressed in this post are based on personal observations and printed matter for the general reader. A separate post on this topic appears on Facebook. If you keep track of current events, I hope you’ve given some thought to the distinction between journalism and gossip that just panders to the public’s voyeurism. Last night I was in a supermarket checkout line, thinking maybe I should have chosen a different checkstand.  Clearly, the retail grocery counterpart to Inspector Clouseau was failing at his attempt to pull up totals on the cash … Continue reading News Vs. Shock Media — Or, Don’t Get Me Started

Beyond Icky

We can argue whether NRA puppet Donald Trump is at his most obnoxious when meeting with gunshot victims.  Just recently, he was throwing rolls of paper towels at people who have been through a hurricane. The truth is, this man is so out of touch with the world — and lacking in empathy — he must think of both as major public relations victories.  His apologists will claim he’s offering real answers, while people with thinking skills on at least a middle school grade level will understand these are sleazy photo ops. Here’s a link to an Associated Press article, reposted on MSN’s site.  … Continue reading Beyond Icky

Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix

Last night I listened to part of President (sic) Donald Trump’s speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd of his cult followers in Arizona.  At one point during the speech, the audience was chanting the way non-thinkers do when they know their Fearless Leader has all the answers. I heard just part of the speech before turning it off.  I got only the audio portion because the source was CNN on the iPhone Sirius/XM streaming app.  That was enough.  I was sure some of those airheads were wearing bright red Make America Great Again visor caps, but it wasn’t necessary to see … Continue reading Last Night’s Trump Speech in Phoenix