Yes, Another Book

Stormy Daniels and I have a nineteen year age difference.  I have no idea whether I would be charmed by her if I ever met her, but as it stands I feel protective the way women often feel protective toward younger women. I won’t suggest Ms. Daniels — Stephanie Clifford — is a hero.  She had an intimate relationship with a married man, and now she is profiting from that.  However, more ordinary people who want to rescue the country which has been damaged by Donald Trump recognize that Stephanie Clifford has something to offer, even if it’s through default. … Continue reading Yes, Another Book

Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)

If any Americans are still excited that the United States is a superpower — and it’s a sure thing some of us still feel proud of that — just remember that our tabloid-grade spectacles are even more conspicuous than the scandals in other countries. The world is watching. Warning: The post in this link contains explicit language.  You are familiar with the four letter T word, aren’t you? Continue reading Always Dignified (Ironic Statement of the Day)

Did I Make a Mistake?

I skipped the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes. Maybe it was wrong to miss something which is taken so seriously.  Besides, I don’t like Donald Trump, so anything unflattering to him should be welcome. The Donald is beholden to the Russian government, and he may eventually blow up the world.  Under the circumstances, it’s difficult to believe an interview with a porn star who had a relationship with him is worthy of attention. The comment section of this blog post is available to readers who care to express their opinion on this matter. Until I can be convinced otherwise, I’ll … Continue reading Did I Make a Mistake?