When a Scandal Blows Over

Before we decide life is improving for sexual harassment/assault victims in Hollywood, we’d better consider the power of the status quo. The actions of Harvey Weinstein and some other people were known by insiders for a long time before their respective scandals became public.  Now, it looks as if high-profile creeps are falling like dominoes, and those guys will never work in any form of media again. Don’t assume anything, though. In 1997, NBC Sports announcer Marv Albert pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge after it was determined that he had bitten a woman’s shoulder.  The woman also accused him of … Continue reading When a Scandal Blows Over

Bullying Can be Fatal to Anyone

We should try to be fair, and recognize that a tragedy like the one at Urban Assembly For Wildlife Conservation isn’t always reported accurately in the media — especially in the first few days after the worst happens. In any environment, though, abuses of power create a pressure cooker situation.  It isn’t that unusual for persons in positions of responsibility to ignore the problem, with the reasoning, If anything extreme comes of it, the scandal will blow over.  Those negligent people enable bullies. Too many scandals have blown over, and it doesn’t change the fact that lives have been ruined.  Suicides, … Continue reading Bullying Can be Fatal to Anyone