Be Skeptical When You Hear “We Didn’t Know.”

Most of us can remember when we first heard allegations of Harvey Weinstein being a sexual predator.  Immediately, Meryl Streep, a Hollywood insider, issued a statement emphasizing she didn’t know about Mr. Weinstein’s behavior until the scandal broke. Cover-ups are everywhere.  Many of the people who know about dangerous skeletons in someone’s closet may wish they could speak up, too.  They stay quiet because they fear whistleblower retaliation, and they doubt whether they can get the abuse stopped.  Later, if the horrifying situation becomes common knowledge, some of those people who stayed quiet insist they were blissfully ignorant the whole … Continue reading Be Skeptical When You Hear “We Didn’t Know.”

San Francisco Realism

Note: When reading observations on San Francisco’s worst-behaved people, please keep in mind that my total of thirty-four years living here have been spent on one edge of the Tenderloin or another.  I don’t know how it reflects on the city as a whole, although I have sometimes encountered those personalities outside of my own neighborhood. I have lived in San Francisco since 1982.  I’ve been in the Bay Area all my life, though, and since moving to the city I haven’t seriously considered living in other parts of the region. I was twenty-two when I moved into a low … Continue reading San Francisco Realism

Cover That Lens!

At least a few years ago, I read a suspense novel which depicted a stalker watching his victim online.  He had infected her home computer with spyware, and whenever she walked in front of the webcam he could see her.  I don’t recall the book’s title or author, but if memory serves, he enjoyed watching her do stretching exercises while naked. I took heed.  A piece of paper is taped over my laptop webcam, which as far as I know doesn’t harm the lens.  No adhesive touches the lens, and it’s removed easily when I need to use the webcam. … Continue reading Cover That Lens!