Birds at Risk From — You Guessed it. People.

Please click the link at the end of this post to read an article in The Independent by Jane Dalton, describing the way traffic noise affects one particular species of bird.  Where human risks to wildlife are concerned, this is only one example of how we unknowingly do harm. When you have contact with wildlife, always be considerate.  Avoid doing anything startling, and don’t offer food.  Although it may be tempting to share your lunch with a squirrel or a pigeon (which can expand quickly into twenty or thirty pigeons), handouts encourage animals and birds to rely on humans for nutrition.  … Continue reading Birds at Risk From — You Guessed it. People.

Squirrels As Serial Thieves

I won’t suggest this is limited to Canadian squirrels.  Personally, I’ve met plenty of squirrels in the U.S. who have done the same damned thing.  It happens in the best neighborhoods, too. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, cats and some other animals.  I don’t know if it hurts squirrels, and hope no one is snickering about the possibility of the poor creatures being poisoned.  The squirrels in the video have demonstrated a preference for Toblerone, but maybe that’s just because it’s on a low shelf and near the escape route. As ridiculous as the video looks, the consequences for humans … Continue reading Squirrels As Serial Thieves