Wisdom In The Form Of Twitter Screenshots

We’ve seen strong public reactions to the recent deaths of celebrities, and although there are limits to how intensely we should mourn the passing of strangers we can still appreciate their contributions. In a positive way, David Bowie, George Michael and Prince contributed to the ways we view gender and masculinity.  Here are a few Twitter posts reminding us of something which shouldn’t go on the back burner.  Many young people have been forbidden to think of themselves as individuals worthy of respect.  Depending on where they live or whom they associate with, they may receive no support. The messages … Continue reading Wisdom In The Form Of Twitter Screenshots

Narcissism: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

We should be careful not to assume we’ve learned everything from a small amount of information. That said, the October 2016 issue of Psychology Today magazine has two thought-provoking articles on narcissism which are worth looking at.  One appears in abridged form on the magazine’s website, and the other, as far as I can tell, is in its entirety. Please consider reading the print edition.  In the meantime, here’s a link to the issue’s cover story, written by Rebecca Webber: https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201609/the-real-narcissists?collection=1093092 Continue reading Narcissism: It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Social Media Users Nail It Again

Presently, the easiest way for a Republican fearmonger to get applause from his or her constituents is to talk about who should be allowed to use which public restrooms.  Transphobia is an easy shortcut for pandering to people’s ignorance and impressing anyone who hasn’t had much experience with life.  The public is getting stirred up by the misinformation, to the point where some Target customers are holding a boycott because the company isn’t buying into transphobic restroom policies. We can be grateful to transgender people and their supporters who have taken on the huge responsibility of trying to educate the … Continue reading Social Media Users Nail It Again

Let’s Show A Little Class For A Change. It’s Good Strategy.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away unexpectedly yesterday (Saturday). Maybe I’d better clarify something right away, to avoid giving the wrong impression.  I was not one of Justice Scalia’s supporters.  I believe his views were motivated by hate, and he may have had a mental illness which should have precluded practicing law in the first place. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead.  Unless people have to be alerted to something important, saying bad things about a person who can no longer defend himself is pointless.  It can also blow up in your face, which I’ll … Continue reading Let’s Show A Little Class For A Change. It’s Good Strategy.