Careful With Public Shaming. That Means Don’t.

This morning, I saw a political post on Facebook that I was tempted to share. It was a photograph, allegedly taken in the past few days.  It showed a group of white people partying on a public sidewalk in Manhattan, mask-free and not observing COVID-19 social distancing rules.  The text in the post was credited to a man who identified himself as black, and he was pointing out that a crowd of white people didn’t have the same worries about being confronted by the police that he and his friends would have if they did the same thing. I really … Continue reading Careful With Public Shaming. That Means Don’t.

Adulting on TikTok

Last night, I did it.  I downloaded the TikTok app and opened an account. Did I mention that I’m sixty?  That’s kind of old for uploading short videos that play in a loop, but it can be done. It’s unlikely I’ll ever star in my own videos.  My video efforts work better with stuffed animals who have finely cultured personalities.  You know, the stuffies I live with. The app allowed me to upload two existing videos last night, and apparently some people saw them.  A separate app on my phone allowed the stuffies’ lips to move in sync with voices … Continue reading Adulting on TikTok

If You’re on Twitter, Action is Needed

A couple of days ago, we received word that O.J. Simpson has opened a Twitter account, and claims to have some “getting even” to do. I’m apprehensive about posting anything on this topic because any statement can serve as publicity for this individual.  Still, if you use Twitter, there’s a strong possibility that sooner or later you’ll see a post by him. Here’s an idea:  Block him now.  Sign in to your Twitter account, go to the page with username @TheRealOJ32 and block all posts by said user.  On a computer screen, you should see three vertical dots next to … Continue reading If You’re on Twitter, Action is Needed

Online Precautions for Veterans

This morning I found a post on AARP’s website warning veterans that they’re being targeted by fake social media accounts. Please click the link below to read Aaron Kassraie’s article.  Then share his article on Facebook. Continue reading Online Precautions for Veterans

Accounts get Hacked. Don’t be too Quick to React to Offensive Posts

My blogsite was hacked, once.  Fortunately, I was signing in often to look at tracking data, so I discovered the problem immediately (my password had stopped working) and recovered the account on the same day.  I don’t believe any harm was done. Always use an obscure password which you don’t use on other accounts.  Ideally, every online password should be like a single fingerprint.  The advice on how often to change a password varies. The mistake I made was using a foreign word (with a correct diacritical mark, which seemed so clever at the time), followed by a predictable series … Continue reading Accounts get Hacked. Don’t be too Quick to React to Offensive Posts

The Fake News Industry is Bigger Than We Think

Most of us think we know what motivates fake news.  We may assume it’s a method of carrying out a newspaper publisher’s or broadcast company’s agenda.  However, it can also be false information that news outlets get from liars, which those news outlets subsequently report in good faith. You can probably think of other examples.  There’s one thing we aren’t likely to think of, though, which is why we should get our information from different sources and seek good commentators. This morning, I began reading a special issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, dedicated to the history of fake news.  I bought the magazine … Continue reading The Fake News Industry is Bigger Than We Think

Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional.  This post shares observations which I have made solely on a personal level. Everything is automated now.  Often, we don’t even touch the sink faucet in a public restroom before washing our hands. Sensors on water faucets can help us avoid picking up additional microbes when we want our hands clean.  However, if you’ve ever soaped up your hands and then found it impossible to rinse them because the sensor on the tap has fallen asleep, you know modern technology isn’t always the answer. At the end of this post, please click … Continue reading Should the Human Condition go High Tech?

Naïve Wording, or Intended Vulgarity?

At the end of this post, please see two screenshots I found on “Constitutional Conservative” politician Paul Nehlen’s @pnehlen Twitter feed this morning: His profile, and a post which contains a Did he mean to say that? bit of profanity. In fairness, the four-letter T word is more obscure than most obscenities.  Still, this social media user’s post defends someone who has hurt women.  Did he set out to use a word which insults women?  We’ll never know.  There’s a chance one of his kindred spirits will approach him discreetly and say, “Paul, I’m sure you don’t know what you just did, but…”  … Continue reading Naïve Wording, or Intended Vulgarity?

Out of Fabric? You Can Still Make a Privacy Curtain, if You’re Creative

Dave Hill posted on Facebook this morning, and after communicating with him on social media (and reading his books, watching his videos and listening to his radio show) for a long time I’m still not sure what to think. It isn’t possible to use the Helen Christie public Facebook page to comment on others’ posts, so I used my private account.  The real name on my personal Facebook account is erased from the screenshot (see below) for privacy. Such nonsense. Anyone who wants to know my real name can find it during an internet search, but nobody cares to look. … Continue reading Out of Fabric? You Can Still Make a Privacy Curtain, if You’re Creative