Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

I admit it.  After living for an eternity with a dirty, curling-at-the-edges garbage chute door sign, I did some unauthorized maintenance work today. The custodial staff in my building are overworked, and although residents aren’t encouraged to do professional work around the property the staff often appreciates these small acts of assistance. Not that I’m going to do the same on every floor.  The neighbors have computers and printers.  Let them tear out their hair learning how to change the format from Portrait to Landscape.  It’ll be educational for them, as it was for me.  Why should I be the … Continue reading Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Teddy Bears Never Stop Protecting Us

If you’re on Twitter, I recommend following username @Emergency_Teds.  They keep the United Kingdom safe, and some of us already know from experience that stuffed animals protect us at home. While we’re on the topic:  Please refrain from putting currency in the clotheswasher/dryer.  Check all pockets carefully before washing.  Some of us really can’t tolerate the sound of a coin spinning in the dryer.  It’s as bad as fingernails on a blackboard. Continue reading Teddy Bears Never Stop Protecting Us

When Hotels Disappoint

Please don’t accuse Dave Hill — or me — of overstating the crisis. Rest assured, we’re all strong enough to handle this.  Perspective is absolutely essential, though. Regardless of how bad this gets, remember that the heroes who help us navigate the confusion and disillusionment of travel are not to blame.  Policy decisions are made by cowards who never show their faces in the hallways, guest elevators or restaurants of hotels. The employees we see during our stay are suffering as much as the rest of us.  Some of them may be suffering more, if a guest causes damage or … Continue reading When Hotels Disappoint

Online Mysteries Can Be Hilarious

I swear this is not a hoax.  I did not type the search term in question.  That person remains anonymous, and I can’t even confirm the country where the person was located or the particular search engine used. I signed in to the blog account earlier this morning, and found something eye-catching.  Or thought-provoking.  Or just Palin silly.  Whatever. Sometime this morning, someone used a search engine and found my blog.  The person may not have found the right results, though. A detail from the tracking page is below. Now, more than ever, we have a reason to wear clothes. Continue reading Online Mysteries Can Be Hilarious