Beyond Icky

We can argue whether NRA puppet Donald Trump is at his most obnoxious when meeting with gunshot victims.  Just recently, he was throwing rolls of paper towels at people who have been through a hurricane. The truth is, this man is so out of touch with the world — and lacking in empathy — he must think of both as major public relations victories.  His apologists will claim he’s offering real answers, while people with thinking skills on at least a middle school grade level will understand these are sleazy photo ops. Here’s a link to an Associated Press article, reposted on MSN’s site.  … Continue reading Beyond Icky

The Shame-Free Community

Two screenshots appear below.  One is a post by an educated, compassionate Twitter user, and the other is a photo of white supremacists who abetted yesterday’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Together, they say a lot. Note the wide-open mouths on the racists.  I hope you’ll forgive this crude observation, but the face on that man in the foreground reminds me of obscene doll heads I used to see in the window of a dirty bookstore. I don’t know who took the photo of the racists because it was uncredited on social media.  If a photographer/news outlet is acknowledged in other … Continue reading The Shame-Free Community