Pictures From My Staycation

Wait.  First, a question:  Exactly how is staycation defined? I have a feeling a real staycation is one of those things where you remain within the walls of your home and have more fun than a barrel of monkeys, playing table tennis and computer games.  Whatever. That wasn’t exactly what I did this weekend.  I stayed at a hotel located within a couple of miles of my home, and did nothing in particular besides take photos and look for cheap places to buy nutritious meals. I also read miscellaneous stuff and solved the Saturday New York Times crossword.  I had neglected to … Continue reading Pictures From My Staycation

Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Today (Sunday) is the last day this year that the Navy Department’s Blue Angels aircraft will be flying over San Francisco, causing eardrums and nerves to shake citywide. We’ve been hearing them during limited daytime hours since Thursday.  The (usually) yearly air show is held on weekends, but practice runs are handled on Thursday and Friday. This air show is regarded by many as a tribute to servicemembers who protect our country from threats, and for the record we should not blame servicemembers for instances in which the White House and Pentagon have acted on the wrong impulses.  War decisions … Continue reading Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Some People Suffer, Others Take Advantage

Today, San Francisco set a new record for a high temperature in the City By the Bay: 106 degrees Fahrenheit. The previous all-time S.F. record was set on June 14, 2000, when it reached 103 degrees. Today, it was cooler in Los Angeles than in S.F. — by only a few degrees.  A wildfire in the San Fernando Valley has people in the L.A. area thinking about more than weather specifics, though. Irma, following Harvey, may or may not cause further devastation, depending on the path it takes.  The people affected by Harvey have already seen too much. The climate … Continue reading Some People Suffer, Others Take Advantage

A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Earlier this afternoon, while walking home from the gym I had an experience which other women can identify with.  It doesn’t happen to me very often anymore because I’m older, but I remember how it used to feel and I still work up as much anger now as I did when I was in my twenties.  The only difference now is most of the time I get angry on behalf of the young women who currently get the abuse. I was on Geary Street near Powell on Union Square in San Francisco. A man who was in the mood to … Continue reading A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Should We Expect Indifference?

I live in San Francisco, where we can be assured help will be summoned in an emergency if we carry our own cell phones — and can use them. Oh, sometimes bystanders will help.  The Castro District is one of the better places to have an emergency because the atmosphere of the neighborhood encourages a protective instinct.  One of the most memorable examples — from years ago, although I’m confident it would be handled the same way now — was something you don’t ordinarily associate with the Castro.  A car was pulled into the southbound bus stop at Castro and … Continue reading Should We Expect Indifference?

Scrambling to Post Something

I have a policy of posting on the blog an average of once per day.  If I skip a day, on another day there will be two posts. That system is going well, but shortly after 8:00 Pacific Time this evening I decided against skipping the Saturday post.  This decision was made in spite of having nothing to say. Here are screenshots of two social media posts.  Whatever.  The Instagram post has proven more popular than most of the crapola my Instagram followers must endure. Continue reading Scrambling to Post Something

Restaurant Hazards

Late yesterday afternoon, I thought I’d get a slice of pizza.  I don’t eat high fat food every day, and since my cholesterol stays in good shape without medication it didn’t seem like a bad idea. My attitude and appetite changed completely when I saw a health inspector’s notice in the front window.  An iPhone photo of the notice, as well as a screenshot of the S.F. Dept. of Public Health report, are at the end of this post.  The name of the business is omitted because the owner has enough problems already.  It’s all a matter of public record, … Continue reading Restaurant Hazards