A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Earlier this afternoon, while walking home from the gym I had an experience which other women can identify with.  It doesn’t happen to me very often anymore because I’m older, but I remember how it used to feel and I still work up as much anger now as I did when I was in my twenties.  The only difference now is most of the time I get angry on behalf of the young women who currently get the abuse. I was on Geary Street near Powell on Union Square in San Francisco. A man who was in the mood to … Continue reading A Heartfelt Apology to Anyone I May Have Offended — Not!

Caution After A Scandal

Recently, there were public objections to New York City Transit Police officers refusing to make sexual battery arrests unless they witnessed offenses against three victims by each suspect.  The explanation defending the practice was that a conviction couldn’t be secured with testimony from only one accuser. Yesterday, Heather Holland at DNA Info posted an article describing how past misconduct by officers has influenced this policy. My own emotions are running in all directions with this.  I’ve been subjected to sexual battery, on the public transit and in other places. I also had a dear friend who was falsely accused (in San Francisco) … Continue reading Caution After A Scandal

Feline Empowerment For Women

Please accept my apologies in advance if you find anything in this post offensive.  It is written carefully because it addresses a tender subject.  However, the so-called art project at the end of the post won’t be to everyone’s taste because it’s motivated by anger.  It’s the type of anger I hope a lot of people share, too.  You don’t need experience being sexually harassed or assaulted to feel the rage.  You don’t need to be a woman, either.  Dammit! I empathize with the women who have been humiliated by Donald Trump, and know how it feels because I’ve had … Continue reading Feline Empowerment For Women