James Levine Accused

While reading these allegations, I experienced an unpleasant “blast from the past.” Many years ago (or even more recently), a common reaction to the accusations might have been, “Well IS he gay?” This is never a sexual orientation issue.  It’s a matter of a disturbed person using sex to abuse power. We may be more disappointed when it appears a sophisticated person (such as James Levine or Al Franken) has harmed people that way, but we should also be alert to the fact that talented people with high intellects can have traits we associate with the groper on the subway. … Continue reading James Levine Accused

When a Scandal Blows Over

Before we decide life is improving for sexual harassment/assault victims in Hollywood, we’d better consider the power of the status quo. The actions of Harvey Weinstein and some other people were known by insiders for a long time before their respective scandals became public.  Now, it looks as if high-profile creeps are falling like dominoes, and those guys will never work in any form of media again. Don’t assume anything, though. In 1997, NBC Sports announcer Marv Albert pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge after it was determined that he had bitten a woman’s shoulder.  The woman also accused him of … Continue reading When a Scandal Blows Over

Bertolucci’s Insensitive Sensationalism

I’ve never been a fan of Bernardo Bertolucci’s films, although I’ve seen only two — Last Tango In Paris, and the abridged version of 1900. I saw both on VHS tapes when I was in my thirties, and believe fair, adult-level thought helped me reach a conclusion: The movies were hollow and sensational.  They were made to shock and gross out the audience, and leave gullible people thinking they’d seen something unique. In the United States, we’re too easily impressed by films made on other continents, and if one of us suggests a foreign film has more pretense than substance there’s hell to … Continue reading Bertolucci’s Insensitive Sensationalism

Feline Empowerment For Women

Please accept my apologies in advance if you find anything in this post offensive.  It is written carefully because it addresses a tender subject.  However, the so-called art project at the end of the post won’t be to everyone’s taste because it’s motivated by anger.  It’s the type of anger I hope a lot of people share, too.  You don’t need experience being sexually harassed or assaulted to feel the rage.  You don’t need to be a woman, either.  Dammit! I empathize with the women who have been humiliated by Donald Trump, and know how it feels because I’ve had … Continue reading Feline Empowerment For Women

The Brutal, Dubious Glamour Of Bloomingdale’s

Rape is not funny, and it isn’t sophisticated social behavior.  We’re reminded of that all the time, thanks to caring, honest — and justifiably angry — people who want to avert tragedies. Still, some people don’t get it.  Now it’s evident that an entire group of individuals in a print advertisement’s chain of command let this basic wisdom slip past them, and Bloomingdale’s management is apologizing. Apologies aren’t worthless, but if the persons involved had actual respect for women — and men — there’d be no offensive ad requiring an apology in the first place. I’ve seen only a small … Continue reading The Brutal, Dubious Glamour Of Bloomingdale’s