Trauma and Creativity

I’m not sure what made me a writer. Part of it may be in the genes.  One close relative was a writer, but he wasn’t sure where he got the talent or the basic inclination.  Most of my blood relatives weren’t even readers, and they didn’t venture into other creative things. There were exceptions.  Some of the women developed traditional female interests, such as sewing, embroidery and crocheting.  They made beautiful things, and any knee-jerk feminist reaction to that would be a mistake.  Those women were artists, in spite of the fact that their art was expected of them. One … Continue reading Trauma and Creativity

The Drug War on Human Beings

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on observation and personal experience.) At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to a New York Times opinion piece by Andrea J. Ritchie, describing the nightmare some women are subjected to in the War on Drugs.  These women are often singled out by race, and whether or not any of the individuals in question are guilty of drug offenses this harassment is a national disgrace. Please read all of the statements in Ms. Ritchie’s column carefully.  There are different “reasons” for these injustices, … Continue reading The Drug War on Human Beings

Mature Creativity Versus ????

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on personal observations.) An active imagination is great if you’re a creative person.  However, an adult understands the limits and responsibilities. I have done some fiction writing, and know how it is to let my creativity run amok and then look at the results later.  That’s where editing comes in.  I can’t call it art unless the characters are developed in a human way, the plot is constructed carefully and the wording is readable.  It would be terribly embarrassing if anyone saw my unedited … Continue reading Mature Creativity Versus ????

Define “Assertive”

All my life, I’ve been told by different people that I don’t demand respect when I should.  Some of those same people have also told me to shut up if I push back when they ignore boundaries, so it’s complicated. I’m addressing this because it’s a common social situation.  Other people — of all ages, including young children — have been treated this way, and in extreme cases it isolates a person from the rest of the community.  From an early age, I was the target of contradictory pressure.  I was probably born shy, and the forceful, unsolicited Alice In … Continue reading Define “Assertive”