In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

You’ve met them:  The people who work with the public, who can’t respond to a simple inquiry without engaging the person who makes the inquiry. By “engaging,” I mean starting a conversation. These are usually the owners of small businesses — which I support completely — and salespersons working on a commission basis.  They have little control over their situations.  They need the business, and the bottom line is better if they can make us feel attractive or intelligent. This makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t have much of a social life to start with, and I feel suspicious when someone … Continue reading In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

What Would Albert Camus Do?

Sometimes, I’ve wondered what — if anything — would happen if I had to check into a hospital anytime in the near future and was asked about my religion. My answer to that question would be NONE.  SECULAR HUMANIST.  If asked whether I’d like to be visited by a clergymember, the answer would be NO, BUT THANKS FOR ASKING. My lack of religion has created awkward situations in other settings.  During a morning commute in 2012, I sat in the back of a taxicab leaving JFK Airport for Manhattan.  Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace, and the driver tried … Continue reading What Would Albert Camus Do?