Timing is Everything, Even When Fate Controls it

Today, the Top News Story in the United States — and probably in some other countries — involves our embarrassing, dangerous government and how Donald Trump got into power.  Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted and have unresolved criminal charges against them, while George Papadopoulos has entered a guilty plea. This may be one time when the American public’s fascination with Hollywood celebrities will work to our advantage.  No, it isn’t a day to ponder what Kim Kardashian is wearing, and log onto TMZ for relief from the real world. Today, the Top Story should be the indictments against Trump’s … Continue reading Timing is Everything, Even When Fate Controls it

This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

I believe it was U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democrat from Colorado) who was credited with nicknaming President Ronald Reagan The Teflon President.   The Donald is proving to have that same exemption from responsibility, although he isn’t as popular as Reagan.  It’s a different Teflon.  In Reagan’s case, the president remained popular in spite of international scandal.  Many of Trump’s former supporters are now waking up and suspecting his actions in office — and what we learn about his past behavior — will just keep getting worse, but party loyalty has kept him out of serious trouble with the law.  … Continue reading This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name