When You Hope it’s Just Water

I live in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco.  You may be surprised by this next statement, but I swear it’s true: In the more-than-thirty-seven years I’ve lived in this general section of San Francisco, I’ve had only a couple of experiences getting hit with substances that are poured or dropped from building windows. Today was one of those times when the unexpected happened.  I was walking home from the grocery store. It wasn’t that bad.  The liquid that hit me didn’t appear to be anything worse than water, and two lovely roses hit the sidewalk.  I yelled something regrettable, … Continue reading When You Hope it’s Just Water

Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Disclosure:  This post appeared originally in different form on a private social media page. This post addresses exterior changes in a historic car dealership building located at the southwest corner of Van Ness Ave. and Bush Street in San Francisco.  The dealership was founded by Ellis Brooks during the 1930s, and originally sold REOs, and then Hudsons to families whose daughters were reading early Nancy Drew mysteries.  The business went through many changes before moving to a smaller storefront around the corner.  If you’ve been curious about the fate of the historic Ellis Brooks Chevrolet neon sign at Bush & … Continue reading Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco

I don’t have statistics for accidents on sidewalks, and if the statistics were right in front of me now I don’t know if I’d believe them.  Personally, the only time I filed a hit-and-run bicyclist report was in 1992, when I was injured just badly enough to get a taxicab to the emergency room.  I’ve been in that particular type of accident on other occasions, but got up and walked away after the bicyclists bolted to avoid being held accountable.  So, I’m led to believe that incidents of this nature are underreported. Many people are unaware that it’s illegal to … Continue reading Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco