This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

I believe it was U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democrat from Colorado) who was credited with nicknaming President Ronald Reagan The Teflon President.   The Donald is proving to have that same exemption from responsibility, although he isn’t as popular as Reagan.  It’s a different Teflon.  In Reagan’s case, the president remained popular in spite of international scandal.  Many of Trump’s former supporters are now waking up and suspecting his actions in office — and what we learn about his past behavior — will just keep getting worse, but party loyalty has kept him out of serious trouble with the law.  … Continue reading This is Giving Teflon a Bad Name

Too Little, Too Late

Senators Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and the rest of the GOP majority in Congress should have raised hell in three dimensions about this stuff before the election. Granted, Republicans all over the country had reservations about Donald Trump before the election.  Still, there was just enough party unity to allow him to win the electoral vote. Senators Graham and Rubio are quoted as saying reasonable things in this New York Times article.  Whether anyone listens now is irrelevant.  The horse is out of the barn. Continue reading Too Little, Too Late

If Something Is Expected, Is It Still News?

Rex Tillerson, the man nominated by President-elect Donald Trump to be our next Secretary of State, has more complicated business ties than we were told.  Naturally, the business ties in question are Putin-Friendly.  A link to an article on The Guardian site appears at the end of this post. Tomorrow, the Electoral College will decide who becomes out next President.  If no candidate gets 270 votes from electors, the House of Representatives will have to step in.  It’s very likely Donald Trump will get at least 270 votes, in spite of the fact that the Electoral College has good reason to reject … Continue reading If Something Is Expected, Is It Still News?

In Distress

After doing some of my own fact checking, I’ve concluded that not one of us really knows what we’re talking about.  You may disagree. In any event, this post has two links and some crap added since it was posted a couple of hours ago. Anyone with good sense is in distress right now.  For a few people, meditation or something less healthy will ease the anxiety, but a lot of us are badly shaken right now. Between the Russian government’s alleged hacking of the election, FBI Director James Comey’s partisan pre-election “investigation” and The Donald’s loose cannon decision-making habits, … Continue reading In Distress