San Francisco Recycling Woes

San Francisco has the toughest recycling laws of any place.  Our trash must be sorted carefully, and at least four bins are involved.  A few things have to be disposed of by making an appointment with the city’s contractor, Recology, and then placing the items at the curb. Sometimes we have to find a store that collects old cell phones or CFL bulbs. Even the most meticulous people will make mistakes, and I’m under the impression that most S.F. residents aren’t that meticulous.  They make more work for the people who have to sift through all of that crap after … Continue reading San Francisco Recycling Woes

Recycling Bin Woes

I wish I could have a word with the anonymous person in my condo complex who left wide open bags of dog excrement in one of the recycling bins.  Someone must have mistaken it for a library book drop. Earlier this month, I gave up my volunteer position of trash sorter. The job was overwhelming, and I wouldn’t have tried it in the first place if I hadn’t mistakenly thought I could handle it.  I did the same chore in a sliver building where I used to rent, and it was manageable. The fact that the condo complex has five … Continue reading Recycling Bin Woes

Recycling Bin Of Broken Dreams

In San Francisco, a city ordinance requires us to sort our garbage properly.  The S.F. Department Of The Environment isn’t pulling our leg, either.  I live in a building where we’ve been threatened with steep fines for putting items into the wrong bins and neglecting to flatten cardboard.  The problem is extreme enough the custodial staff can’t handle all of it. I’ve posted about this before, so please forgive the redundancy.  This post is really about a creative person’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which goes hand-in-hand not only with keeping the contents of recycling and compost bins up to code but making … Continue reading Recycling Bin Of Broken Dreams

Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

Officially, spring begins this weekend. Look around your home.  Is there some clutter you’d like to get rid of?  Most people prefer not to answer that question, but I feel as if I know you well enough… In the past week, I have donated books and clothing, and found some worn out clothing that can go into a textiles bin.  So far, nothing which has been sitting around the apartment has gone into landfill, but I’ll forgive myself if that becomes necessary. Until recently, a lot of us didn’t bother to sort anything we wanted to be rid of.  Concern … Continue reading Clutter And Responsible Spring Cleaning

Recycling, Composting, Paying Fines

If you live in San Francisco, you have probably heard something about compulsory trash sorting.  In case you haven’t heard, trust me that sooner or later you’ll get hell for being ignorant. In my neck of the woods, the grandly named San Francisco Department Of The Environment inspects curbside receptacles and warns us when they find things in the wrong bins.  If the problem isn’t corrected soon after, property owners are charged steep fines to compensate for the sorting that must be done after pick-up. Although San Francisco has had this policy for a few years, I was a witness … Continue reading Recycling, Composting, Paying Fines