Another Day Off

Yesterday, a sea bird near Pier 39 stepped up to the plate and took charge of the blog, ensuring there’d be something online for everyone to appreciate.  Thanks, Earl! Today I’m handing the reins to English Heritage, which has posted video of Freddie Mercury’s Blue Plaque dedication on Facebook.  One of his bandmates, Brian May, is at the podium.  A link to a text entry on the English Heritage website is also shared on this page. Continue reading Another Day Off

Freddie Mercury Bio (Book Review)

Mercury: An Intimate Biography Of Freddie Mercury Author: Lesley-Ann Jones Copyright 2011 $26.00 Hardcover (No paperback expected for another few years) Touchstone Books ISBN-13:  978-1-4516-6395-2 (The above information is for the U.S. edition.) On page 226 of the U.S. edition of Mercury, author Lesley-Ann Jones writes: Freddie revealed different aspects of himself to different people, but never his whole self. This could be said of most people.  It’s one of the ways we create boundaries.  At the same time, how well we consciously know ourselves is debatable. We should start by saying Mercury is a unique biography.  Its subject had predictable personal issues — … Continue reading Freddie Mercury Bio (Book Review)

Another Shortcut Today

I like to post every day, but need rest sometimes.  Here’s Queen’s Official Video of Under  Pressure.  No subtle messages about my own physical/mental state.  It’s just a fine video with news footage and other pieces of history.  David Bowie contributed to vocals. Read whatever you want into the music or lyrics, or their relationship with the visual part.  The members of Queen have refused to explain their work, and they’re right to refuse. Continue reading Another Shortcut Today