Scrambling to Post Something

I have a policy of posting on the blog an average of once per day.  If I skip a day, on another day there will be two posts. That system is going well, but shortly after 8:00 Pacific Time this evening I decided against skipping the Saturday post.  This decision was made in spite of having nothing to say. Here are screenshots of two social media posts.  Whatever.  The Instagram post has proven more popular than most of the crapola my Instagram followers must endure. Continue reading Scrambling to Post Something

Caution After A Scandal

Recently, there were public objections to New York City Transit Police officers refusing to make sexual battery arrests unless they witnessed offenses against three victims by each suspect.  The explanation defending the practice was that a conviction couldn’t be secured with testimony from only one accuser. Yesterday, Heather Holland at DNA Info posted an article describing how past misconduct by officers has influenced this policy. My own emotions are running in all directions with this.  I’ve been subjected to sexual battery, on the public transit and in other places. I also had a dear friend who was falsely accused (in San Francisco) … Continue reading Caution After A Scandal

Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway

I still miss subway tokens. I’ve visited New York City only three times, in 1994, 1995 and 2012. Subway tokens were part of the aesthetic and emotional experience during the first two visits.  Dropping a token into the turnstile slot and waiting for the green GO signal did something for my self-esteem, and also gave me a genuine feeling of being in New York. Maybe you had to be there to understand. In 2012, I bought my first MetroCard.  It wasn’t as traumatic as expected, but the magnetic striped card was something I associated with a chain sandwich shop replacing … Continue reading Planned Upgrades For NYC Subway

A Bit Of Bay Area Transit History

Today — Super Bowl Sunday — we can be grateful for Bay Area public transit systems.  It’s likely the buses and trains will be crowded, but they should make the whole day more tolerable for many people. My father used the Key System to move between San Francisco and Oakland when he was a young man.  He found it very efficient, but added that the most memorable part was the odor.  The train cars themselves didn’t smell, but at that time untreated sewage was dumped directly into the Bay.  Well, maybe the trains got permeated in time.  We can research … Continue reading A Bit Of Bay Area Transit History