Vacations Aren’t Always Boring to Read About. Sometimes They are, Though. Whatever.

Yesterday I returned home after three days in West Hollywood. There’s a distinction between Hollywood and West Hollywood.  Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles proper, and West Hollywood is an incorporated city (since 1984), surrounded by Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Midtown L.A. West Hollywood is a pretty neat place, but not cheap.  It’s nearly as focused on popular culture as Hollywood, too.  I stayed at a plush hotel, and found it disappointing when my fingers went through the toilet paper.  Lovely building, though. If you want to get an excellent salad in that neck of the woods, Sweet Green … Continue reading Vacations Aren’t Always Boring to Read About. Sometimes They are, Though. Whatever.

Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

I’m imagining this subway groper refusing to get out of bed and whining that women are so mean.  He’s chewing on the corner of his pillow and complaining that the pillow is getting icky. We don’t know the name of this man because he escaped before the police arrived.  He knows his name, though.  He just can’t quite put it together in his head well enough to realize what a fart he is. No, that isn’t speculation on my part.  If you’ve known enough people like him, you find them predictable. The woman he assaulted took a risk, but if … Continue reading Guess Who’s Calling Himself a Victim Now?

Keeping Your Info Safe on Public Transit, and Unrelated Irony

We hear about identity theft precautions all the time.  Always shred documents before discarding them.  Empty your mailbox every day.  Don’t share your credit card number with someone who calls you on the phone and tells you there’s a misdemeanor warrant for your arrest, and paying a fine will resolve the matter (and please don’t judge people who have fallen for this scam.  The callers know how to induce panic). Other precautions are less practical to carry out, so we have to decide how many risks we’re willing to take for our convenience or to make a system more efficient. … Continue reading Keeping Your Info Safe on Public Transit, and Unrelated Irony

Angels Flight, L.A.

(Note: This blog post has some actual material about Angels Flight, the historic rail service operating in Los Angeles.  You just have to scroll down a bit to find it.) I spent part of last week in Southern California.  There were practical and personal reasons to be there, but also opportunities to do a few fun things. I stayed in a nice hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood.  Not that Sunset in West Hollywood is nice.  However, some aspects of it are better than the high-tech advertising, careless motorists and general bad taste we associate with the street.  In other … Continue reading Angels Flight, L.A.

Second Avenue Subway Safety Questions

The Second Avenue Subway in New York City opened at the beginning of this year.  The opening date was promised by New York Governor Mario Cuomo, and as far as the public knew everything was completed on schedule. There are concerns, though.  At the end of this post, please click the link to an article by Emma G. Fitzsimmons in the New York Times.  Although the New York Times disappoints readers more often than it used to, Ms. Fitzsimmons’ report is the product of real investigative journalism.  Read the item carefully to get an idea of the standards this newspaper used to … Continue reading Second Avenue Subway Safety Questions

Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro

My recent stay in New York City was the first in four and a half years. I’m a city person, though, and most of it came naturally. Still, there’s conscious risk-taking which we know is unnecessary and we do it anyway. Example: using the elevator in a subway station. We do it when we’re tired, or feeling inclined to harm ourselves.  I think I was just tired. I did it only once, and it worked out fine.  However, I won’t recommend the experience to anyone.  For clarification, here’s a YouTube video by username Nordell: Continue reading Ride the NYC Subway Like a Pro