Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

(This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page.) According to more than one news report, political extremists are planning to engage in some sort of high profile behavior on Sunday, January 17. Inauguration Day is three days later. I haven’t heard where they’ll be, but I’ll plan on staying home. I live a few blocks from the Civic Center and Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, so that’s prudent. It’s each person’s judgment call to make, depending on where they live and whether it’s possible to stay home. Personally, I’ll be prepared to “keep a low … Continue reading Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco

I don’t have statistics for accidents on sidewalks, and if the statistics were right in front of me now I don’t know if I’d believe them.  Personally, the only time I filed a hit-and-run bicyclist report was in 1992, when I was injured just badly enough to get a taxicab to the emergency room.  I’ve been in that particular type of accident on other occasions, but got up and walked away after the bicyclists bolted to avoid being held accountable.  So, I’m led to believe that incidents of this nature are underreported. Many people are unaware that it’s illegal to … Continue reading Dangerous Sidewalks in San Francisco

This Isn’t Unheard of in the United States, Either

At the end of this post, please click the link to an article on The Independent’s site.  It describes how forty-seven prosecutions for sex offenses in the jurisdiction covering England and Wales have been dismissed due to lack of disclosure by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Defense attorneys were kept in the dark about details that could have helped their clients.  This happens in many countries, including the United States.  We’ll never know how many innocent people have spent time in prison or had their reputations ruined after oversights or corruption interfered with their defense.  Likewise, we’ll never know how many dangerous … Continue reading This Isn’t Unheard of in the United States, Either

Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Today (Sunday) is the last day this year that the Navy Department’s Blue Angels aircraft will be flying over San Francisco, causing eardrums and nerves to shake citywide. We’ve been hearing them during limited daytime hours since Thursday.  The (usually) yearly air show is held on weekends, but practice runs are handled on Thursday and Friday. This air show is regarded by many as a tribute to servicemembers who protect our country from threats, and for the record we should not blame servicemembers for instances in which the White House and Pentagon have acted on the wrong impulses.  War decisions … Continue reading Blue Angels Over San Francisco

Bush’s Canned Beans Recalled

Bush Brothers has announced a recall of some of the company’s baked beans, due to a sealing problem at the facility where the food was canned. The products affected are as follows: 28-ounce Bush’s Best Brown Sugar Hickory with case UPC of 003940001977. 28-ounce Bush’s Best Country Style  with case UPC of 0003940091974 and 00340001974. 28-ounce Bush’s Best Original with case UPC of 003940091614 and 003940001614. (The second paragraph of this post is copied and pasted from USA Today’s site.  Please refer directly to the USA Today article or go to if you need updates.) Do not eat these products, even … Continue reading Bush’s Canned Beans Recalled

Caution After A Scandal

Recently, there were public objections to New York City Transit Police officers refusing to make sexual battery arrests unless they witnessed offenses against three victims by each suspect.  The explanation defending the practice was that a conviction couldn’t be secured with testimony from only one accuser. Yesterday, Heather Holland at DNA Info posted an article describing how past misconduct by officers has influenced this policy. My own emotions are running in all directions with this.  I’ve been subjected to sexual battery, on the public transit and in other places. I also had a dear friend who was falsely accused (in San Francisco) … Continue reading Caution After A Scandal