In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

You’ve met them:  The people who work with the public, who can’t respond to a simple inquiry without engaging the person who makes the inquiry. By “engaging,” I mean starting a conversation. These are usually the owners of small businesses — which I support completely — and salespersons working on a commission basis.  They have little control over their situations.  They need the business, and the bottom line is better if they can make us feel attractive or intelligent. This makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t have much of a social life to start with, and I feel suspicious when someone … Continue reading In my Defense, the Situation had Been Awkward for Years

Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

During the time Donald Trump has been President, some people have suggested that George W. Bush’s Presidency wasn’t all that bad.  Most recently, the public found it endearing when he handed Michelle Obama a piece of candy. How many people remember the stolen 2000 Election, the oafish, graceless behavior after the September 11 tragedy, the lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, the torture of Muslims, etc? If you’re impressed by a piece of candy and W.’s negative statements about Trump, either you were born very recently or you forgot all about some major events that still affect … Continue reading Too Many Americans Have Short Memories

Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Melania Trump has made a so-called surprise visit to a detention center for young undocumented immigrants.  Just look at how nice the place looks in the photograph.  It could be a kindergarten classroom. Now we’re supposed to feel assured the children are indeed treated well.  If so, why weren’t Members of Congress allowed to visit other facilities? Apologies to Edgar Allan Poe. Continue reading Public Relations, Nothing More. Quoth the Raven…

Beyond Icky

We can argue whether NRA puppet Donald Trump is at his most obnoxious when meeting with gunshot victims.  Just recently, he was throwing rolls of paper towels at people who have been through a hurricane. The truth is, this man is so out of touch with the world — and lacking in empathy — he must think of both as major public relations victories.  His apologists will claim he’s offering real answers, while people with thinking skills on at least a middle school grade level will understand these are sleazy photo ops. Here’s a link to an Associated Press article, reposted on MSN’s site.  … Continue reading Beyond Icky

The “Kensington” Stereotype

I haven’t traveled to London, but I’d like to.  Until then, I’ll remind myself of what I don’t know. Today, the New York Times posted a detailed, lengthy article by Katrin Bennhold which challenges everything outsiders assume about one district in London.  I’ll withhold my own comments and let you read the story.  Then you can reach your own conclusion.  The link is below. Wait.  No, I won’t withhold every one of my own comments:  This sounds exactly like what happens in the United States, and we should be disgusted.  It’s a disgraceful situation which has to change, but if … Continue reading The “Kensington” Stereotype

Tact Is Essential

One of the most valuable things I learn through experience is tact. Naturally, I learn it by making mistakes. When we have open minds, we can learn from others’ mistakes.  Do you care enough about your own future to allow me to educate you? Okay, that wasn’t the most humble way of phrasing the offer.  Still… This bit of advice pertains to writing letters of complaint.  We all have to write one every now and then, and some of us write more than others.  There are reasons for some of us being more prolific that way.  No, we aren’t necessarily … Continue reading Tact Is Essential