Healthier Babies

A link to an important article in The Guardian appears at the end of this post. I was not breastfed as a baby.  Because of that, and other reasons, I suspect I got a genuinely raw deal on a healthy start in life. Educating the public on how to raise children is delicate.  Many parents and prospective parents see it as an entitlement issue, and no one — not a healthcare provider, and certainly not any childless person — has a right to speak up. I wish someone had persuaded my mother to breastfeed me, but I also know if anyone had … Continue reading Healthier Babies

Learning to Type Umlauts. Just in Time, Too.

The Swedes have a word for the average New Jersey resident’s opinion of Chris Christie’s (no relation) tenure as Governor:  Äcklad. There’s a simple corresponding English word for äcklad, but the umlaut is my new toy so I can’t resist using the Swedish word. If you don’t know the English word, google it or something.  You can’t expect me to explain everything.    Continue reading Learning to Type Umlauts. Just in Time, Too.