Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

(This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page.) According to more than one news report, political extremists are planning to engage in some sort of high profile behavior on Sunday, January 17. Inauguration Day is three days later. I haven’t heard where they’ll be, but I’ll plan on staying home. I live a few blocks from the Civic Center and Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, so that’s prudent. It’s each person’s judgment call to make, depending on where they live and whether it’s possible to stay home. Personally, I’ll be prepared to “keep a low … Continue reading Think Before You React. And Maybe Consider Not Being There in the First Place

Robert Reich’s Observation

Today, scholar and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich will be filling in for me. Okay, I didn’t ask him to do that, and he didn’t offer.  In fact, it’s unlikely he even knows who I am.  So, officially he isn’t filling in. Dr. Reich (Facebook username @RBReich) has posted something on Facebook which is so good I can’t produce anything close to it.  So, I hope he won’t mind if I “borrow” three screenshots to share the post in its entirety.  He included a link to a Breitbart News story, so the link will also appear on this page for anyone … Continue reading Robert Reich’s Observation

Caution With Protest Messages

Update: Special thanks to @GeorgeBaileyDog on Twitter, who brought a Los Angeles Times article to my attention.  Although some pink hats worn during yesterday’s demonstrations may have come from overseas factories, there was an effort to produce many of them in the United States.  A link to the article appears at the end of this post. The right wing has a way of hijacking messages that are meant to be decent.  Until recently, a sincere person could say, “All lives matter” without acting as an apologist for police officers who shoot unarmed people. Words are powerful, so they’re subject to manipulation.  That … Continue reading Caution With Protest Messages