Controversial New York Prison Security Policy on Hold

Governor Mario Cuomo has ordered the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision in New York State to halt — at least temporarily — a policy which went into effect ten days earlier.  The policy restricted the sources for items delivered to inmates. I’ve never been in a prison, either as an inmate or as a visitor.  I have no personal experience with the frustrating and humiliating roadblocks people must navigate in those places.  However, adults should have enough experience in life (and some basic book smarts) to see when concrete policy isn’t the answer to a complicated human problem. A New … Continue reading Controversial New York Prison Security Policy on Hold

Federal B.O.P. Hiccup

If you’ve read Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange is the New Black, you probably have a firm mental image of the women’s prison in Danbury, CT.  I haven’t seen the Netflix series, so I don’t know how many creative embellishments were involved in the adaptation. Piper Kerman was housed in the minimum security satellite camp.  I don’t have a copy of her book within reach (I donated mine right after finishing it, so with luck someone else has read it by now), but the book gave the impression that the prison’s main building was maximum security. According to the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) … Continue reading Federal B.O.P. Hiccup