Protecting the Powerful at the Expense of the Vulnerable

People tend to look for a sense of community.  They join a church, a political movement or some other institution, or just identify with a segment of society.  Then the church, political movement, segment of society, et al., can do no wrong. Always think of this when you feel inclined to lower the bar for the institution you identify with.  We all have a responsibility to set standards for our own behavior, and that means refusing to excuse the associate who is dangerous. When people talk about the value of community policing and in-house investigations, they’re often in denial about … Continue reading Protecting the Powerful at the Expense of the Vulnerable

When “Help” Turns Into a Cult

At the end of this post, please click the link to a New York Times article about a reported FBI investigation of a self-help group called Nxivm.  The name is pronounced “Nexium,” and apparently has no relation to the acid reflux drug. We should be aware that no charges have been brought against Nxivm or its leader.  However, the allegations are alarming, and for the time being any person seeking help with emotional or spiritual issues should probably look elsewhere for treatment. Some treatment programs maintain ethical standards and provide the right support so clients can resume their lives.  Others are looking … Continue reading When “Help” Turns Into a Cult