Yes, Popular Music Can Be Nuanced

WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO EXPRESS THINGS WITH METAPHORS AND MUCH MORE SUBTLETY, THAT’S WHEN YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF A DISSERVICE BY MAKING A VIDEO. — GEORGE MICHAEL Editor’s Note: The 1960s television series Gilligan’s Island is mentioned in this blog post. This post was written before we were notified that actress Dawn Wells had passed. There was no intention to disparage the show or her performance. R.I.P. Dawn Wells I found the above quote online. You can interpret the statement however you want, but any of us who have seen many music videos — and thought carefully afterward — … Continue reading Yes, Popular Music Can Be Nuanced

The Long-Awaited George Michael Song

George Michael’s previously unreleased 2012-2015 studio recording, This is How (We Want You to Get High), was made available to the public this week. The song is featured in the soon-to-be-released movie Last Christmas, along with a collection of established G.M. and Wham! classics. There’s some confusion over songwriting credits for this particular piece.  A subscriber e-mail I received today from Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd. (what?) stated that the lyrics were written exclusively by Mr. Michael.  However, on the official YouTube stream page, James Jackman is credited as co-lyricist. Whether or not Mr. Jackman had input with the lyrics, they … Continue reading The Long-Awaited George Michael Song