The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

(Note:  A link to a 2005 essay on The Advocate’s website by George Michael appears at the end of this post.) The Advocate, an LGBT publication founded in 1967, has never achieved mainstream popularity.  However, occasionally it has had features that appeal to people who don’t fit the magazine’s readership profile. I remember buying The Advocate in 1979, when I was first coming out as bisexual.  At the time, I thought maybe I was gay, but more recent history has proven otherwise.  Still bi. When I was coming out, The Advocate was printed on newsprint — the correct name for the paper used … Continue reading The George Michael Essay You May Have Missed

Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

At the end of this post you’ll find a link to a predictable report on poverty in the United Kingdom, posted today on The Independent’s site. I know.  It isn’t just Tories and Republicans.  It’s also public officials who know better, cooperating with Tories and Republicans.  In 1996, U.S. President Bill Clinton — a Democrat — signed so-called welfare reform legislation which was destined to put more families on the streets.  He was cooperating with Republicans in Congress, and complying with misguided public opinion.  It was a self-serving, rotten thing to do, but he wanted to be re-elected (which he probably would … Continue reading Please Stop Voting for Conservatives. You’re Hurting Your Country.

Do Not Steal This Book. But do Consider Reading it.

There may be some flaws with Michael Wolff’s new account of the Trump presidency, Fire and Fury.  However, his book — to be released Friday, four days earlier than expected — has been the subject of threats made by Donald Trump’s attorneys. Not every book that is challenged by lawyers is worth reading, and I can’t guarantee that this book will enlighten everyone (I don’t receive review copies).  However, our president (sic) has declared war on the country, and we should offer loyalty to anyone who suffers retaliation when challenging Donald J. Trump.  For that reason alone, let’s make this book … Continue reading Do Not Steal This Book. But do Consider Reading it.

Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

(This post appears in slightly different form on Helen’s Facebook page.) The username and avatar on this Twitter account have been erased from the screenshots because I don’t want to harass anyone personally. However, in case you’ve been oblivious to reactionary politics in the United States, take a look at the number of “likes” the post about Roy Moore has received. By all indications, the account holder isn’t a public figure, although he has the right hypocrisy to make it in the Trump Administration. Click each image (at the bottom of this post) to view it more clearly. You may … Continue reading Hypocrisy Can Get so Weird

Naïve Wording, or Intended Vulgarity?

At the end of this post, please see two screenshots I found on “Constitutional Conservative” politician Paul Nehlen’s @pnehlen Twitter feed this morning: His profile, and a post which contains a Did he mean to say that? bit of profanity. In fairness, the four-letter T word is more obscure than most obscenities.  Still, this social media user’s post defends someone who has hurt women.  Did he set out to use a word which insults women?  We’ll never know.  There’s a chance one of his kindred spirits will approach him discreetly and say, “Paul, I’m sure you don’t know what you just did, but…”  … Continue reading Naïve Wording, or Intended Vulgarity?