When Orwellian Surveillance Starts at Home

Disclosure:  This post appears in slightly different form on a private social media page. On this post, I’m sharing a screenshot of something I found on Twitter earlier this afternoon.  Both Twitter entries are by the same person, and I believe she is acting with good intentions.  Her avi and username are ersased from the screenshot because of my own concerns about a phone app she is using. Unfortunately, the second (lower) message includes a link to a blogsite which recommends the app in question.  That’s where I got more uncomfortable, and I cropped the link from the screenshot. According … Continue reading When Orwellian Surveillance Starts at Home

Maid by Stephanie Land (Review)

Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive By Land, Stephanie Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich Memoir ©2019 $27.00 Hardcover Hachette Books 270 Pages You may have social media friends who rely on each other for emergency childcare or other support when their families suffer hardships.  Even if you’re not in a particular inner circle, you may see posts on Facebook by friends who thank their siblings, parents or others for stepping up to the plate during a crisis. Stephanie Land, author of Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive, rarely had any human safety net … Continue reading Maid by Stephanie Land (Review)

Healthier Babies

A link to an important article in The Guardian appears at the end of this post. I was not breastfed as a baby.  Because of that, and other reasons, I suspect I got a genuinely raw deal on a healthy start in life. Educating the public on how to raise children is delicate.  Many parents and prospective parents see it as an entitlement issue, and no one — not a healthcare provider, and certainly not any childless person — has a right to speak up. I wish someone had persuaded my mother to breastfeed me, but I also know if anyone had … Continue reading Healthier Babies

Yes, These People are Real. Let’s Hope They Aren’t too Common

Sadly, the parent who lacks empathy can be found anywhere.  Neighborhood/schoolyard bullies often know which of their peers have dysfunctional parents, and they exploit these family tragedies. One of the reasons bullying is rampant among children is there are few alternatives to parents getting involved.  Although it’s true that good parents have intervened — with mixed results — there’s always the child who spends years begging a bad parent for protection. Don’t assume every parent has concern, perspective or a sense of obligation toward his or her children.  Some people who have reproduced or adopted are ignorant, chemically dependent, mentally … Continue reading Yes, These People are Real. Let’s Hope They Aren’t too Common

Yes, it’s Important Education

(Disclaimer: I am not an educator or health professional.  The opinions in this blog post are based on personal experience and observation) I live in California, where a terribly misguided legislative bill was passed and signed by the Governor sometime after I left school.  The law, which is still in effect after more than thirty years, requires parental consent before students in taxpayer funded (public) schools can receive sex education. I remember the arguments in favor of the bill, and most were centered on parental entitlement.  Parents wanted to control what their kids were told about sex, and in some … Continue reading Yes, it’s Important Education