Online Marketplace Precautions

The holiday shopping season is a busy time for scammers, including those who sell merchandise online which consumers never receive. It happens year-round, but consumers are most vulnerable now. They’re overwhelmed, so they’re more likely to miss warning signs. Scenario:  A child asks for a trendy toy, and Grandma can’t buy it directly from established retailers because the toy sells too fast.  So, she takes a chance.  She buys it through a reputable site, but the actual seller is a contractor who has signed up very recently with the site.  The toy might be bargain-priced. After the toy is ordered, … Continue reading Online Marketplace Precautions

Shop Local For The Holidays

The title of this post should have an asterisk next to it.  Then, the bottom of the page should have the words, “If you can afford it.” It isn’t easy doing things right.  Most of us can’t buy everything from a small retailer who must mark up prices to pay overhead.  We fall back on chain stores or online shopping sites, which in the long run don’t support the local economy. If you want to be an apologist for online shopping, there are legitimate positions you can take.  Those companies create business for the USPS (which needs as much business … Continue reading Shop Local For The Holidays