Listening to New Old Music

This month I’ve returned to Renaissance Music. For the uninitiated, the Renaissance Era is sandwiched between the Medieval and Baroque Periods, with some overlap.  A good ballpark figure is 1300-1600 A.D. I understand the Renaissance wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, when unspeakable things still happened without question.  However, the period was noted for progress, especially in the arts. In the Twenty-First Century, the preferred method of familiarizing ourselves with early music — or any type of music — is buying some of it on iTunes and listening through earbuds.  There’s also Spotify, other streaming services and CDs.  … Continue reading Listening to New Old Music

When Something Abnormal Goes Missing

Heaven help me.  For the first time in ages, I’ve gone an entire morning and part of an afternoon without music repeating in my head. You probably know the condition I’m talking about.  It happens to nearly all of us (some more often than others), including people who haven’t been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  You know, people who can look at a sliding screen door left halfway open when the glass door is closed, and not go batshit. Decades ago, an often-aired television commercial for a shoe brand suggested the company’s court shoes were as comfortable as sneakers.  If … Continue reading When Something Abnormal Goes Missing

Tact Is Essential

One of the most valuable things I learn through experience is tact. Naturally, I learn it by making mistakes. When we have open minds, we can learn from others’ mistakes.  Do you care enough about your own future to allow me to educate you? Okay, that wasn’t the most humble way of phrasing the offer.  Still… This bit of advice pertains to writing letters of complaint.  We all have to write one every now and then, and some of us write more than others.  There are reasons for some of us being more prolific that way.  No, we aren’t necessarily … Continue reading Tact Is Essential

Recycling Bin Of Broken Dreams

In San Francisco, a city ordinance requires us to sort our garbage properly.  The S.F. Department Of The Environment isn’t pulling our leg, either.  I live in a building where we’ve been threatened with steep fines for putting items into the wrong bins and neglecting to flatten cardboard.  The problem is extreme enough the custodial staff can’t handle all of it. I’ve posted about this before, so please forgive the redundancy.  This post is really about a creative person’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which goes hand-in-hand not only with keeping the contents of recycling and compost bins up to code but making … Continue reading Recycling Bin Of Broken Dreams