Behaving Responsibly During a Changing Crisis

If you’ve been following the news about the Covid-19 pandemic, you’ve heard about a change in demographics where serious illnesses are concerned. Many people who were at highest risk are now vaccinated, and less likely to be hospitalized. The burden has shifted to younger people who were, at one time, thought to be at lower risk of actually becoming ill (although they were warned that the rules still applied to them because they could be unknowing carriers). Everyone must continue — or start — using good judgment, regardless of whether they believe they are at risk. We can listen to … Continue reading Behaving Responsibly During a Changing Crisis

Steve Inskeep, Hero

Steve Inskeep, a journalist whose reporting you’ve probably heard on NPR if you listen to Morning Edition, does excellent research and has a first rate B.S. detector — which he’s not afraid to use. I’ll share a link to his interview with Joel Pollak, Senior Editor-At-Large with Breitbart News.  This morning, Mr. Pollak appeared on Morning Edition to offer a defense for one particular staffing choice made by President-Elect Donald Trump. The topic was Stephen Bannon’s qualifications for a position in the Trump Administration.  Mr. Pollak went the distance with his Steve-Bannon-is-not-a-(fill in the blank) talk, as well as inaccurate statements about the Confederacy and … Continue reading Steve Inskeep, Hero