Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Disclosure:  This post appeared originally in different form on a private social media page. This post addresses exterior changes in a historic car dealership building located at the southwest corner of Van Ness Ave. and Bush Street in San Francisco.  The dealership was founded by Ellis Brooks during the 1930s, and originally sold REOs, and then Hudsons to families whose daughters were reading early Nancy Drew mysteries.  The business went through many changes before moving to a smaller storefront around the corner.  If you’ve been curious about the fate of the historic Ellis Brooks Chevrolet neon sign at Bush & … Continue reading Modernization, Aesthetics and Respect for History

Fred W. McDarrah’s Images of New York City

Earlier this year, The Village Voice ceased operating. People have positive and negative memories of that paper.  Regardless, if you looked at it often enough you found some impressive photos. An exhibit titled Fred W. McDarrah: New York Scenes is at Steven Kasher Gallery, 515 W. 26th Street in Manhattan through November 3. Here’s a link to an article by Jen Carlson about Mr. McDarrah’s work on Gothamist’s site.  Please read the article and click the images to recall his work. Continue reading Fred W. McDarrah’s Images of New York City

An Afternoon in the Castro District, San Francisco

Today I did some grocery shopping, walking, sightseeing and general farting around in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Castro in San Francisco. The intersection of Market and Castro is roughly two miles away from my home (confirmation of the exact distance may depend on which app you’re using), but finding fresh produce in an independent store is easier in the Castro than in my neck of the woods.  Good vegies are one of many excuses to visit a neighborhood which is safer than the area right outside my front doorstep. Usually, I get the subway.  Walking used to be … Continue reading An Afternoon in the Castro District, San Francisco

TWA Terminal at JFK Airport

Standing outside of Terminal 5 at JFK three years ago, I thought the vacant TWA Terminal was an eyesore.  I was tempted to ask when George Jetson and his family moved out. There’s more to it than that, though.  Click the link below to see text, photos and video which go way beyond the concrete impression I had. In my defense, I saw the building from the outside after spending the night on a red eye from SFO.  The coffee they sold in Terminal 5 was not my brand (is that a delicate way of putting it, or what?), so … Continue reading TWA Terminal at JFK Airport