Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Aaron Schlossberg Post

Yes, evidently that was attorney Aaron Schlossberg who went into a Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave. in NYC and shouted at employees that they shouldn’t be speaking Spanish. Mr. Schlossberg was identified very soon after the videotaped incident, which raised questions about whether the wrong person had been named.  Last time I looked, the WNYC-owned was refusing to post his name in their article on the topic because his identity hadn’t been confirmed to their satisfaction. The Gothamist writer was right to hold back.  We must use caution with details that haven’t been verified — especially when someone’s reputation is at risk.  … Continue reading Follow-Up to Yesterday’s Aaron Schlossberg Post

Combination Blog Post-Facebook Screenshot Today

This should have been posted to the blog first and then shared on social media, but today it went the other way around. Ahmad Khan Rahamia is now in custody, suspected of being involved in Saturday night’s bombing in the Chelsea District of Manhattan. Clarification: There’s no indication that the hoax originated with the NY Post.  However, the Post was one of the — maybe one of many — outlets to report the claims.  The blog in question was registered with tumblr, which deleted the user’s account immediately after being notified of the problem. Continue reading Combination Blog Post-Facebook Screenshot Today

When The N.Y. Post Is Right

This isn’t the existential crisis you might think.  The fact that The New York Post has issued a responsible online news story — on Page Six, no less — shouldn’t come as too big a shock.  It will happen every now and then.  Just don’t hold your breath during intervals. Cormac McCarthy is still with us.  Due to a social media hoax, for a short time some people thought he had passed.  When journalists learned Mr. McCarthy was still with us, Bryan Hood wrote an article which is better than a lot of things you see in The Post. I’ll include a … Continue reading When The N.Y. Post Is Right